Welcome to the Cat Bureau!

"If you find yourself troubled by something mysterious or a problem that's hard to solve, there's a place you can go where you always find help. You just need to look for it."

My name is Baron Humbert von Gikkigen. The man who created me gave me that name. I am the 'manager' of the Cat Bureau, so to speak.
If you ever have a problem, no matter whether you are cat or human, the Cat Bureau will do their best to assist you.

(If anyone is still interested in roleplaying with the Baron or speaking with him, please do so. I miss playing him, although I can’t be on like I wish I could. I do check this blog when I get the chance, and am willing to keep a roleplay going or simply answer any questions that you may have for the Baron.)

The Baron gave a soft sigh, his whiskers twitching in the cold autumn breeze. His suit kept him slightly warm thanks to the addition of his fur, and he rolled his shoulders.
"There’s been quite a lull in the business… I wonder if anyone still knows the Bureau exists…" he said wistfully, looking up at the dimming sun as the fading light shed a silence over the small village-like bureau.

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The Baron rolled his shoulders. There sure was a lot of catching up to do…but this was what he got for being absent so long, he supposed. He pulled down on his white suit jacket gently to straighten it out a bit. He had to look his best when greeting potential customers,…

Baron chuckled lightly at his visitor’s request, but gave a short nod nonetheless. “Of course.” He paused a moment, before giving a soft smile. “You’ve found yourself in the Cat Bureau,” he started, “a place that exists to help those in need.” He took a moment to lightly plop his white top hat back on his head. “It’s also a haven for creations—like me and Toto up there.” he said, gesturing to the stone raven.

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e-aster-ventus-and-bunnymund said: (Might as well introduce these guys) "H-Hello there sir" a small Pooka cub asked the Baron looking up at him.

The Baron looked up from the newspaper he had been reading. He was surprised to see anyone here, honestly, he hadn’t heard anyone enter the plaza… He stood from the chair in which he was seated and straightened his vest and suit jacket before smiling at the youth.
"Well, hello there…!" he greeted. "I’m terribly sorry that I didn’t greet you before—I didn’t hear you come in." he said, before removing his top hat to bow at the rabbit-like youth. "Welcome to the Cat Bureau!" Baron said with a smile, and then straightened his posture. "I am the Baron, and I’m the main force behind the Bureau. Is there any way in which we can be of assistance to you?"

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Baron smiled politely at the red-haired young woman, eyeing her furry clothing curiously. “Welcome to the Cat Bureau,” he offered, taking his top hat from his head and bowing deeply. “It’s been a while since a lady has graced the Bureau with her presence.”
Baron straightened himself from the bow,…

Anastasia offered a small bow back down to the gentleman below her with a grin, “It’s an honor to meet you, Baron.” She saw him glance at her fur robe and offered, “It’s…antique.”

“I’m looking for a very important person.”

Baron smiled softly. “Ah, yes, I know all about antiques.” he said with a light chuckle.
His peridot-esque eyes glimmered with excitement at her words, but the rest of his face betrayed no such emotion. So there was a case here! How excellent! The Bureau hadn’t had a case since the incident with the Cat Kingdom and Haru… But that was a different story for a different time, now was the time for her story.
Baron nodded. “A very important person, you say? And who might this person be?”

She looked down with a slight blush, “My ex-husband. I’ve been looking for him for…” she chuckled. “A while, let’s say. I think it’s about time that I allowed some help in my search.”

“His name is Nicholas St. North.”

The Baron’s burnt-orange brow arched. “Your ex-husband?” The Baron knew much of marriage and of love. But didn’t humans usually…avoid their exes? After all, couldn’t it create difficulty for both former spouses should they keep in touch? But then again, that wasn’t really any of his business. He understood her predicament. After all, he’d lost Luise so long ago, and yet still he searched… he hadn’t been able to find her still. Baron nodded. “You can consider me on the case,” he told her with a soft smile. “Now…what can you tell me about him that could be of any help?”

She kneeled down in with a chuckle, “I hope you like challenges, good sir. Truth being? I have not seen Nicholas in nearly 400 years. Our story is…complicated.”

Anastasia rubbed the back of her head before she continued, “Nicholas was known as a Thief King around Russia and Siberia for a greater part of his life. He has a strange addiction to sweets, cookies especially.”

She sighed and stared at the cat gentleman, “I’m not saying that he’s alive after all this time…I just want to know what happened to him.”

Baron nodded. “I haven’t had a real challenge since the incident with the Cat Kingdom, years ago.” he informed. “It’s about time that I received another.” Baron smiled. “Besides, helping those with mysterious or hard-to-solve problems is our specialty.”
He listened intently as Anastasia described this Nicholas fellow. 400 years was quite a long time…
As Anastasia finished speaking, Baron gave her a knowing look. He understood how she felt… it was the same way he felt about Luise.
Obviously it hadn’t been 400 years that they had been separated, but Baron knew that it had been since before World War II that he’d seen, let alone heard from, his Baroness…
“I understand completely.” he said with a short nod. “I believe that if we work together we can find something about your Nicholas.” he assured.

Anastasia smiled down at him before a small gasp escaped her. Regaining her breath, she chuckled.

“You’ll have to forgive the young, Baron.” She pushed the robe aside to reveal a nine month pregnant stomach. “They tend to be a little restless.”

She beamed down gratefully at the gentleman, “Thank you. Despite being married to the personification of it, I was beginning to lose hope that I may not find him. I just need to know what happened…in order to move on.”

With a sigh, she stood up and covered herself back up. “So where do we begin?”

Baron’s green eyes widened slightly as he saw how far along the young woman was in her preganancy. Being the gentlemanly sort, and always taking care as far as women were concered, the Baron gave her a slightly worried look. “Are you sure you should be adventuring at a time like this…? I wouldn’t want anything to happen…” he told her, burnt-orange frow furrowed in a look of soft worry.
Baron paused a moment. “If you’re still adamant to continue, however, I’ll keep by you throughout the journey, whatever it may entail.” he assured her with a nod.

She nodded determinedly as she looked down at him, “I am sure of the consequences as does my husband. He knows I can defend myself and that if I needed anything, I would just need to contact him and he’d be there quicker than a bunny.”

Anastasia let out a chuckle at her own pun and grinned, “Thank-you Baron. You know you remind me much of my husband…you two are nearly the same. Except for the species.”

Baron nodded. “Alright, then, consider this the beginning of our journey.” he told her with a soft smile. “And I, too, can defend myself should the need arise. I may be small, but that’s of no importance.” he said, shaking his head lightly. “Should the need arise, I shall do my best to protect you, as well.”  he told her, giving a small bow.

Baron chuckled lightly. “There’s no need to thank me.” he told her, shaking his head. “I should be the one thanking you—the more I have to do, the less I’m stuck with paperwork.” he said with a smile. “And I’ll always take an adventure over paperwork any day.”

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Baron made his way to another newcomer. He hoped he hadn’t kept them waiting too long…
Once he reached them, he bowed deeply. “Welcome to the Cat Bureau, how may we be of assistance?”

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Baron walked over to the newcomer and gave a deep bow while removing his hat. “Welcome to the Cat Bureau.” he greeted. As he straightened his posture, he flipped his top hat back onto his head and straightened his maroon velvet vest. “Is there any way in which we can be of assistance to you?”

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The Dino Child: lildinogirl has stumbled into the Bureau


Baron walked up to the newcomer and gave a polite bow. “Welcome to the Cat Bureau.” he offered. He was really surprised at how many people happened to ‘stumble’ into the Bureau lately,…

Baron smiled softly. “That can be easily arranged.” he said. “Just give me a moment…” And with that, he disappeared inside the house. He was away no more than three minutes or so before he reappeared outside near her. With him was a tea kettle, and a few Baron-sized cups…
He bit his lip a moment, before frowning softly. “I apologize for the smallness of the cups, but they’re all I have.” he told her.

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The Baron rolled his shoulders. There sure was a lot of catching up to do…but this was what he got for being absent so long, he supposed. He pulled down on his white suit jacket gently to straighten it out a bit. He had to look his best when greeting potential customers, after all…!
He made his way to the next newcomer, who had no doubt been waiting longer than Baron liked to have customers wait—nobody liked waiting, after all, and why should they?
He gave a soft smile, before giving a deep bow. “Welcome to the Cat Bureau!” he greeted. “I am Baron Humbert von Gikkigen, though you may simply address me as Baron, if you so wish.” he introduced as he stood back up. “Is there any way in which the Bureau may assist you?”

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Baron’s whiskers twitched softly as a soft Spring breeze blew through the cobblestone plaza-esque circle that served as the Cat Bureau’s front lawn. His ears twitched forward slightly as he heard the distinct click of footsteps on the stones. He only hoped that the owner of the clicking steps hadn’t waited too long for a greeting…
Baron made his way over to the newcomer and gave a deep bow, removing his hat in the process. “Welcome to the Cat Bureau!” he greeted, and then stood. “How may we be of assistance to you?”